I welcome you to experience a beautiful journey with me, as I unravel for you stories of my surreal experiences in the wilderness. Gardens, Orchards, Farmlands, Tea estates, Dams, Ravines, Mountains, National Parks, Dense forests...a mosaic of different habitats and nature of birds & animals is waiting to be explored. Let me take you on an adventure and deliver the most precious moments of joy, affection and reality that I have discovered in the past few years: the chorus of birds singing, trees hustling, monkeys chattering, insects buzzing, breathless sunsets, spectacular sunrises, foggy waterbodies at dawn, the crystal-clear waterbodies, fireflies illuminating the bushes and the shattering silence of the forest at night.

“The wind lifted me up into the trees, where I danced to the rhythm of the evergreen,
Swaying to the tune of the northern breeze, frozen in the timeless melody.”
-Christy Ann Martine

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